Incoming 2018 Summer Trends We’re Loving

Posted on 01 April 2018


Summer is around the corner. It’s time to fold up your winter wardrobe and refresh your looks for the sunny seasons. Some notable fashion trends are already coming out of 2018 designer shows, like the prevalence of metallics and day glow, fringed materials and tassels, transparent layers, and all things pastel. By featuring footwear that emphasizes these trendy looks, you can lean into the latest fads without letting them overpower you.


Metallic Sheen

Metallics are a sophisticated way to spice up your outfit without going overboard. Something like the BRYSON in silver can be swapped in for your usual grey or black flats at work. If you need a bit of colour with a neutral jumpsuit or sheath dress, BOURKE in rose patent is the perfect choice.

Fringed Detailing

It’s not just for the rodeo anymore. Fringe can be a bit OTT when applied in large quantities, so the subtle fringed leather upper on the ROW heel is just what you need to appropriately adapt the look to your daily wardrobe. You can even fold the fringe detail up or down, depending on your preference.


Pastel Colours

We adore all things pastel. It’s sleek, it’s feminine, and the muted feel of the colours means that it incorporates easily into any outfit. Because pastels are so quiet, tie them together with matching jewelry to make them pop a bit more. The powder pink IYLA would look great with a statement necklace in the same shade.

Transparent Materials

For transparent materials, there’s no need to go full sheer. Keep it tasteful and elegant. The weave of RACQUEL will let your feet breathe easily on the warmer summer days. Class up your favourite dark denim jeans (rolled up) with this chic block heel silhouette.

Wittner can help you take runway-inspired summer fashion statements and seamlessly blend them into your everyday style. Check out more of our products here.


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